Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications

While engaging with your users, you can select from three type of campaigns. In this doc we will explain each type so that you can pick the right campaign type to achieve what you want to do.

Single message campaign

In this campaigns, we will send the same message to all users who qualify in your target audience. This message type is best for broadcast messages and for applications that don’t vary campaign communications based on differences between user properties such as language, or geography

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Perform an A/B test

Here, we will help you test up to 3 variants of a message to understand what type of message copy works best for you, and your users. We support 2 types of A/B test

Split Delivery

In this case, you can split the delivery of your variants across your entire target audience. Typical use-case: When you are sending a message to inactive users, and you want to know whether a discount leads to more activations or a simple reminder leads to more activations. Here, you will split the message in a proportion of your choice, and send it out. Post delivery, you will analyze which message led to more conversions for your goal.

Split delivery

A/B Test

A/B tests allow you to test up to 3 message variants on a test group, and the variant that gets the most clicks is declared the winning variant and is automatically sent to the rest of your target audience.

AB testing

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Send messages based on user properties

If you’d like to send different message variants to your target audience based on the user-properties that they possess, this campaign type would be your best bet. Typical use-case: If you want to send a localized update to people based on their preferred language, this would be the campaign you choose. Click here to read more about sending messages based on user properties.

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