The messaging menu opens a table view where you can see all your messages across every channel in one consolidated view. This view has all the information you need to see at a glance, from the channel, to the delivery type and status to the key statistics you need to assess and compare performance.

Message Labels

Message Labels allow you to tag messages by descriptive names or themes. Once applied, Labels allow you to group your various messages such that you can isolate their performance or pinpoint behaviors of users exposed to that collection of messages.

For example, you may create a label called “Onboarding” to identify all messages (across all channels) that are related to onboarding your new users. Or you may create a label entitled “Re-engage” to denote campaigns used to bring back users who have dropped off. Similarly you may create a label called “Score Updates” to identify only that class of notifications used to update users on the match.

Create Labels under the Message Settings menu. Apply Labels to individual messages while you create them or via the Edit Message option in the Message Report table.

Segments and Message Labels

One of the more powerful uses of Labels is in conjunction with the CleverTap Segmentation features. Each time a message is delivered to a user, CleverTap will record a Notification Sent event. As a Property of this event, we include any Label that you have assigned to that messaging campaign. Then from our Find People, Create Segment or any Analytics feature, you can isolate users who have been sent a messaging campaign with a particular Label.

For example you may want to see the 30 day retention of users who were sent your Onboarding messages to judge whether these messages were having an impact. After creating a Label entitled “Onboarding” and associating it with all the relevant campaigns, you can Create a new Segment then filter your Cohort analysis for 30 day retention to isolate the performance of just these users.