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Understanding App Uninstalled event

Most App developers are obsessed with downloads – how many new users did I get this week and last? They forget all about an arguably more import metric – i.e. how many people Uninstalled my app this week and last. After-all, understanding how many users you’re losing is the first step to doing something about it

App Uninstalled event

CleverTap automatically tracks app uninstalls for you, and raises the App Uninstalled event when it detects that a user has uninstalled your app. App uninstall tracking is supported for Android and iOS only.

How does it work?

The App Uninstalled event is raised in two scenarios –
– CleverTap runs a daily sweep across your entire app user base to test for app uninstalls. During the sweep, when we detect an uninstall, we raise the App Uninstalled event against that particular User Profile.
– When you run a push notification campaign, and CleverTap is unable to deliver the message to a user due to an app uninstall, we raise the App Uninstalled event against that User Profile.

This sweep doesn’t affect the users who have not uninstalled your app.


Running the uninstall detection sweep daily cleans out the unreachable push notification tokens. This ensures higher delivery rates for push notification campaigns.

This also improves accuracy when estimating reachable users while scheduling your campaign.

App Uninstall analytics

Uninstall Dashboard

Go to the Uninstall Dashboard, select your desired date range, and see how many users uninstalled the app.

Funnel reports

You can run a funnel report on, selecting App Launched (first time) as step #1 and App Uninstalled as step #2, to find out how many of your newly acquired users have uninstalled your app.

Win back customers

You can enable the “Tackling App Uninstalls” Clever Campaign to reach out to users that uninstall your app.