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Tune Attribution

Tune Tracking

CleverTap helps you to track your app installs via Tune. This integration requires changes to both – the Tune Dashboard and your Android/iOS app for successful integration:

Tune Dashboard

    – Tune Dashboard -> Manage Partners
    CleverTap - Tune Integration

    – Integrated Partners (Search and enable CleverTap as Integrated Partner)
    – Click on the CleverTap Logo —> Credentials
    – Set your CleverTap Account ID and Token details
    – Enable View-through Attribution in Attribution Setting
    – Enable Install Postback which allows tune to report data to CleverTap API, it’s under Postbacks (Postbacks Templates) > Templates > Generic

Android App

In your Android app, add the following code in your Application Class:

String attributionId = cleverTapInstance.getCleverTapAttributionIdentifier();

Follow our Android Integration guide to understand how to initiate CleverTap instance.

Now Initialise Tune instance:

Tune.init(this, "your_advertiser_ID", "your_conversion_key"); 

This has to be invoked within onCreate() of Application class

If you haven’t done the Tune integration already, follow these step-by-step guidelines

iOS App

In your AppDelegate.m file add the following code:

[Tune initializeWithTuneAdvertiserId:@"your_advertiser_ID" tuneConversionKey:@"your_conversion_key"];
[Tune  setUserID:[[CleverTap sharedInstance] profileGetCleverTapAttributionIdentifier]];

If you haven’t done the Tune integration for iOS app, follow these step-by-step guidelines

Where to view this Data in your CleverTap dashboard:

Post integration, CleverTap will now pull in data from Tune in your CleverTap dashboard. You can view it under event UTM Visited filtered by event property UTM_source, UTM_medium or UTM_campaign.