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Apsalar Tracking

CleverTap helps you to track your app installs via Apsalar. This integration requires changes to both your Android and iOS app for a successful integration:


CleverTap assigns each User Profile a unique identifier by default. This identity value should be pushed as an event attribute along with the event that gets raised to Apsalar whenever an install is detected. The name of the event property needs to be ‘CleverTapId’.

If you do not already have an event that is raised on install, we recommend you use the event name as ‘CleverTapInstallEvent’

Android App

You will have to raise an event with Apsalar which would look like below:

String cleverTapId = CleverTapAPI.getInstance(getApplicationContext()).getCleverTapID();
Apsalar.event("CleverTapInstallEvent", "CleverTapId", cleverTapId);

iOS App

You will have to raise an event with Apsalar which would look like below:

NSString *cleverTapId = [[CleverTap sharedInstance] profileGetCleverTapID];
[Apsalar eventWithArgs:@"CleverTapInstallEvent",
   @"CleverTapId", cleverTapId, nil];

Apsalar Communication:

You will have to reach out to with the following details:

The event name you are using to detect installs.
The name of the event attribute (‘CleverTapId’) that contains the CleverTap identity for that user
Your CleverTap Account ID
Your CleverTap Passcode
Your CleverTap Token

Where to view this Data in your CleverTap dashboard:

Post integration, CleverTap will now pull in data from Apsalar in your CleverTap dashboard. You can view it under event UTM Visited filtered by event property UTM_source, UTM_medium or UTM_campaign.