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Advanced iOS (Rich) Push Notifications Options

Apart from Title and Message, you have the below-mentioned options to add to your iOS push notification. Please note that each of these is optional.

Rich media

Rich media requires iOS 10

  • Single media
    If a media link is specified, the media will be displayed as a static thumbnail in the default view, and as the actual media (image/video/gif/audio) in the expanded view. You will have to install our single media library to enable sending media iOS notifications.
    Supported file formats are .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .mp3, .mp4.
    Aspect ratio: 16:9

  • Image slideshow
    You can add up to 5 slides. The first image will be shown as a thumbnail in the default view. A slideshow of all the images will be shown in the expanded view. You will have to install our image carousel and single media libraries to enable sending slideshow media iOS notifications.
    iOS push notification
    You have 2 options to set the behavior of the notification after the user clicks on the notification. The notification can either be dismissed, or the notification will stay in the notification tray until explicitly swiped/dismissed.

Sound File

You will have to specify the name of the sound file which is included in your app bundle. Apple supports .aiff, .caf and .wav extensions. For more information on how you can generate such sound files, please read this article.

Badge count

This updates the badge count for your app to the one specified while creating the campaign. Please note that this doesn’t increment the badge count or set the value to 0 (zero) to hide the badge number. That should be handled manually at the application level.


You can input the name of the category while creating the campaign. Each category has to be registered with the app. Each such category is associated with actions that the user can perform when a notification of rich media type is delivered. Each category can have up to four actions associated with it, although the number of actions actually displayed depends on the type of notification delivered. This enables users to take multiple actions for the notification. For example, a single media push notification can have two buttons – ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Save for Later’

Deep link/ External URL

Deep links allow you to land the user to a particular part of your app. Your app’s OpenURL method is called with the deep link specified here. If you wish to use external URLs, then you will have to whitelist the IPs or provide http/https before the URL so that they can be handled properly by the SDK.

Mutable Content

Please check this box if you would like to send the mutable-content flag along with your payload. This will invoke your app’s notification service extension. For more information click here.

Content Available

If you include the content-available key with a value of 1 to send out a silent notification to your users. It will not alert the user in any way (update badge count/play a sound/show a notification), but it will wake your app up in the background, allowing you to fetch new content and prepare it for the next time the user opens your app.
– Key: content-available
– Value: 1