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Google AdWords Integration

The advantage of integrating your Google AdWords account with CleverTap is that you’ll get per-campaign, per-user cost data alongside the average revenue for users acquired via that campaign. This will help you compare cost of campaign with the revenue earned.

Here are the steps to integrate your Google AdWords account:

  • Log in to your Google AdWords account –
  • Copy the Customer ID visible on the top right corner of the page
  • Log in to your CleverTap Dashboard, and go to Settings -> Ad campaigns. If you have multiple CleverTap accounts, make sure that you’re using the correct one
  • Now paste the Customer ID that you had copied in step #2, and hit “Log in”
  • Press “Accept” when prompted by Google to give access to CleverTap
  • Once the connect is successful, you should see the “Account connected successfully” message

The data will first start showing up in the Campaign dashboard in 2 hours, and is subsequently updated every 2 hours.

Note: Ensure that your Google ad campaign links are tagged with the below mentioned parameters for them to show up in the campaign dashboard: