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Tracking App Campaigns

CleverTap can help you track the effectiveness of your web ad campaigns. CleverTap uses the UTM parameters in the incoming URL to do so.

UTM is a convention for tagging links with marketing campaign parameters, also known as UTM parameters:

  • utm_source is the UTM parameter indicating the campaign channel (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.) through which a user came in.
  • utm_campaign is the UTM parameter indicating the name of the marketing campaign (e.g., ‘Christmas Sale’) a user participated in.

Using these UTM criteria, we help you tie user events and profiles back to the campaigns that brought them in.

We directly integrate with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. To track installs from other sources, we recommend using one of the third party mobile attribution platforms that we support.

In addition, all organic downloads for Android are tracked as long as you have added the CleverTap broadcast receiver as described here.

Facebook Ads – Google AdWords

You can track your Facebook Ads and Google AdWords campaigns to get per-campaign, per-user cost data alongside the average revenue for users acquired via that campaign.

By campaign channel (e.g., Google, Facebook):

Dashboard Ad Sources

By particular campaign name (e.g., Halloween, Diwali, etc.):

Dashboard Ad Campaigns

Third Party Mobile Attribution Platforms

You can also track which of your traffic sources deliver the best users via Adjust or AppsFlyer integration.