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Managing Dashboard Access

Inviting Users

You can invite other team members to access the CleverTap Dashboard.

To access your account settings do the following:

  • Access the Settings page in the Dashboard:


When adding users, you can select different levels of access based on the role you select. Read on for more information.

Setting User Roles

User roles determine the access level or permissions of a CleverTap Dashboard user for a particular account. The same user could have a different role for each of the accounts they may have access to.

Admin role

Has full and unlimited access to the account, including:

  • Inviting new users with admin, creator or member role
  • Revoking access of an existing user
  • Creating push notification, email etc. campaigns
  • Stopping and deleting notification campaigns
  • Viewing analytics
  • Downloading reports
  • Adding and updating billing details

Creator role

Has access to create, edit, schedule and stop notification campaigns. A Creator can:

  • Invite new users with creator or member role
  • Create push notification, email etc. campaigns
  • Stop and delete notification campaigns
  • View analytics
  • Download reports

A Creator cannot revoke user access or view billing information.

Member role

Has access to view analytics and reports in the account. A Member can:

  • Invite new users with member role
  • View analytics, including campaign performance
  • Download reports

A Member cannot edit or stop campaigns.