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Analyzing Users

User Actions

User actions or events are activities that a user does in your mobile app or website, like viewing a product or making a purchase. You’ll have to integrate the CleverTap SDKs (available for all major platforms) to record events from your app or website. To record historical events or offline events, you can use the CleverTap Server API.

See Recording Events to read up on how to record events from your apps and website

Using the DashboardAnalyzeUser Actions View, you can filter and segment (i.e. group) users based on the events they have taken in your application.

You accomplish this by:

  • Selecting the event to segment by – you can also filter that event by the properties recorded for that event.
  • Optionally applying filters based on user attributes, including specific geographic, demographic data, or device information.

Once constructed, the Dashboard provides deep insights into the user group defined by your event query, including geographic, demographic and device information.

You can then save this event query and use it later to send targeted messages to those users.



A funnel is a way of grouping users who take a specific event in your app and comparing how many of those users go on to take a second event in your app in a specified period of time. For example, you might construct a funnel analyzing the users in your app who added an item to cart and then went on to complete the cart checkout process.

Funnels help you see where people drop off so you can work on a way to reduce drop-off rates.

You can use the DashboardAnalyzeFunnels View to construct user funnels. You can also save your constructed funnels for later use.



A cohort is a way of grouping users who take a certain event in your application and tracking that group’s subsequent events over time in your app. In this way, cohort analysis lets you see patterns across the lifecycle of a user in your app. For example, you can construct a cohort of users who signed up in the last month and then made a subsequent purchase in your application.

You can use the DashboardAnalyzeCohorts View to construct user cohorts. You can also save your constructed cohorts for later use.



Trend analysis is the process of comparing events over time to identify patterns.

For example, identifying and analyzing event patterns in your app can help you assess how well you are doing in encouraging specific user behavior over time.

You can use the DashboardAnalyzeTrends View to see trend analysis on specific events in your application. You can also filter by specific properties of those events, user attributes or device models.